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  • Tips to Prepare for Dental Implant Treatment
    Preparing to get your new teeth is exciting! It’s the beginning of a new smile and renewed self-confidence. Working together with your implant dentist, you can ensure that you know Read more
  • What Protection Does a Mouthguard Provide?
    If you or your child participates in contact sports and athletic activities, a professionally-designed mouthguard is strongly recommended. In response to a forceful blow to the mouth or jaw, a Read more
  • February is Dental Health Month
    Across the country, National Dental Health Month is celebrated each February in order to raise awareness about the importance of protecting your oral health. During this time, particular emphasis is Read more
  • Full Service Dental Implants
    When you are faced with a serious dental condition such as tooth loss, a certain level of personal motivation is required to properly address the issue. Though you may be Read more
  • Treatment Options for Sleep Apnea
    Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that can be as irritating to the person suffering from the condition as it is for everyone else in the household. Its signs and Read more
  • Harmful Dental Habits to Avoid
    Your dentist loves to see you. Catching up on your hobbies and talking about your work is certainly interesting. But, if your dental visits are typically due to accidental injuries and Read more
  • My Gums Bleed When I Brush: Should I Be Concerned?
    There are many reasons why gum tissue bleeds, and brushing with too firm a hand or using abrasive tooth paste or gel can lead the way. Try switching to a Read more
  • How Stress Can Affect Your Oral Health
    Sometimes, the state of our oral health can be directly influenced by the state of our overall health. You may find it surprising, but this includes both our mental and Read more
  • Why Can't Children Get Dental Implants?
    In infancy, teeth start to grow and a child will have twenty baby teeth. These teeth form the path for the permanent teeth to grow, and starting at about age Read more
  • Consequences of Tooth Loss?
    Losing one or more teeth to trauma, decay or dental disease can have devastating consequences. In addition to cosmetic concerns, a gap created by tooth loss can result in speech Read more

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