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Options for Replacing Multiple Teeth

If, due to missing teeth, you have an unsightly gap in your smile, then you might wonder how you can restore your smile to past glories. After all, tooth gaps not only affect your self-confidence but can also affect the health and alignment of the teeth around the gap.

If you are one of those wondering how to repair your smile, then be assured that there are options to do so, from standard dentures to dental implants, and a consultation with our implant dentist can help find the correct option for you.

Dental implants offer greater strength to surrounding teeth than either bridge or denture treatment

Let’s take a look at the options available:

Dentures – dentures are typically a removable prosthetic plate that fits inside the mouth cavity and has been specially molded to the individual’s mouth. Attached to the plate are false teeth which align naturally with the gaps in the patient’s mouth, offering total concealment. However, dentures require special cleaning solutions, adhesives and are quite fragile and easily damaged. They can also be uncomfortable to wear over a long period, and can cause bone loss in the jaw.

Tooth-supported Bridge – tooth-supported bridges involve preparation of the teeth to either side of a tooth gap in order to act as supports for dental crowns which are placed over the teeth. The tooth gap is concealed by artificial teeth that span the gap and are attached to the dental crowns. Tooth-supported bridges offer greater strength to the remaining teeth and also give more comfort than standard dentures; they also last much longer. However, like dentures, they too can lead to deterioration of the jaw bone around the tooth gap.

Dental Implants – dental implants involve an implant dentist placing small titanium support pillars directly into the patient’s jawbone, upon which dental crowns are then placed to give the illusion of real, healthy teeth. By attaching the support directly to the jawbone, the bone continues to function as if a real tooth was present, avoiding any deterioration of the bone. Dental implants offer greater strength to surrounding teeth than either bridge or denture treatment. Implants are also permanent and long-lasting, whereas dentures and dental bridges may require replacement after a time.

In fact, dental implants mimic so closely the appearance of healthy teeth that they have become a hugely popular method of dental reconstruction due not only to the fact they look, feel and function like natural teeth and are just as easy to maintain, but aesthetically they provide a near-perfect appearance and are indistinguishable from the patient’s remaining teeth.

To learn more about your tooth replacement options inLong Island, contact the office of Drs. Sender and Russ today.

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