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What is the Lifespan of a Dental Implant?

Dental implants are often the preferred method to treat tooth loss. They owe their increased popularity largely to the advantages they boast over other means of treatment when it comes to replacing missing teeth.

Unlike dentures or fixed-bridge treatments, which can become loose or weakened over time, dental implants are extremely durable and can withstand a good amount of force – as much as a normal, healthy tooth.

What’s more, while certain foods may be off the menu with dentures or fixed-bridge treatment as these could damage either, there are no such restrictions with dental implants and patients can enjoy eating the foods they love, without fear of damage.

Benefits of dental implants include:

  • A natural appearance – dental implants are molded to fit the gap they replace and can be colored to blend with the rest of the patient’s teeth;
  • Restoration of bite strength – the implants can restore a patient’s bite to near the force it would ordinarily have with a proper tooth;
  • Comfort – the implants don’t require any special adhesives to fix them in place, meaning they won’t slip or become loose;
  • After-care – unlike other treatments, dental implants require no special care and can be looked after in the same fashion as normal, healthy teeth.

Much of the strength of dental implants comes from the titanium pillar that an implant dentist places directly into the patient’s gum. The pillar fuses directly with the jawbone, creating much greater strength and support for the dental crown that sits on top of the pillar than either dentures or fixed bridge treatment.

And, as the pillar acts for all intents and purposes as a tooth root, it stimulates the gums in a fashion that it prevents gum recession – whereas dentures and fixed-bridge provide no such stimulus and so gums can recede over time, leading to further tooth loss.

With proper care through a regular dental hygiene routine and undertaking regular check-ups from an implant dentist, a patient’s dental implants represent a permanent solution to replacing a lost tooth that will last a lifetime.

To find out how you can benefit from dental implants in Long Island and the surround areas, contact Broadway Dental at 516-681-2525.

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