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Common Causes of Tooth Loss

Everyone experiences tooth loss when we shed our baby teeth and grow our adult teeth, but there are several reasons why we can be affected by tooth loss in adult life; leaving behind an unsightly gap in an otherwise healthy smile.

Advancements in dentistry mean that an implant dentist can restore a smileaffected by tooth loss back to its former glory, with dental implants becoming an increasingly popular choice amongst patients over other forms of treatment, such as dentures or fixed-bridge treatment.

Dental implants have become hugely popular in recent times and involve an implant dentist placing a small titanium support into the patient’s gum.

Some common causes of tooth loss in adults include:

  • Tooth decay and gum disease, which are most often the result of poor dental hygiene; in fact, gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults
  • Trauma, caused by accident such as a road-traffic accident, or sports clash, or a simple trip and fall; trauma can either lead to instant tooth loss, or in some cases cause damage that doesn’t manifest for a period of some years such as root fractures
  • Health complications brought about by conditions such as Type-2 diabetes or high blood pressure

A missing tooth might not be attributable to any underlying cause; indeed, congenital absence of a tooth is not uncommon. A congenital absence occurs when a baby tooth is not naturally replaced by its adult successor.

But whether by external or natural causes, a missing tooth can easily be replaced by an implant dentist and so restore a patient’s smile either through the use of dentures, fixed bridge treatment, or dental implants.

Dentures involve the manufacturer of an artificial tooth, or teeth, which can be removed by the patient. Dentures typically consist of a gum-colored plastic base with artificial teeth attached. A fixed bridge, on the other hand, involves treating adjacent teeth to the gap in order to house supporting dental caps, between which an artificial tooth is fixed.

Dental implants have become hugely popular in recent times and involve an implant dentist placing a small titanium support into the patient’s gum. A dental crown is placed on top and the finished implant looks and behaves as a normal tooth would, fulfilling the functions of dentures or fixed bridge treatment, but with none of the drawbacks.

The end result is a natural looking smile that can be looked after in the same fashion as normal, healthy teeth and unlike other treatments, can last a lifetime if properly looked after.

To learn more about your options for tooth replacement, contact our office serving Levittown NY and the surrounding areas.

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