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Is Snoring Harmful?

Although snoring isn’t necessarily attractive or pleasant, everybody does it, right? It would be safe to estimate that most adults snore sometimes, and many snore every night. Though snoring alone is not necessarily harmful, it could certainly indicate an underlying health problem that should not be ignored.

Sleep apnea is an example of a sleep disorder that is often characterized by snoring. Sleep apnea occurs when normal breathing is interrupted multiple times throughout the night, typically as the result of an obstruction of the airway. When the muscles near the back of the throat become relaxed, the soft tissues can partially or completely obstruct the airway, triggering snoring or gurgling sounds as the body struggles to take in air.

To resolve this type of sleep disorder, your dentist and your physician can work together to protect your health. A sleep study is generally necessary in order to properly diagnose sleep apnea. Upon your physician’s recommendation, your dentist may employ either surgical or non-surgical techniques to treat your condition.

Why is it important to address sleep apnea? There is a tremendous amount of research that identifies sleep apnea as a factor related to social, medical, and dental complications.

Frequent interruptions in breathing can prevent your body from achieving healthy levels of sleep each night. Repeating a cycle of sleep deprivation can leave you feeling groggy and tired during the day. Concentrating on critical tasks such as driving, operating machinery or problem-solving may be difficult and potentially dangerous.

High-blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, obesity, and heart disease are serious health conditions that have been linked to sleep apnea and snoring.

Socially, heavy or disruptive snoring can be a burden on your intimate relationships. Spouses and roommates may simply be unable to tolerate thunderous snoring at night. For the patient who suffers from sleep apnea, restlessness, irritability, and memory loss can take a toll on personal relationships even during the day.

Talk to our dentists about snoring today. The treatment options range from simple to complex, and seeking a solution as soon as possible can preserve your health, your safety, and your relationships.

To learn more about your options in Westbury and the surrounding areas, contact Broadway Dental at 516-681-2525.

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