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Will Dental Implants Affect the Natural, Adjacent Teeth?

The oral cavity is an interesting system of checks and balances. When any single condition within the mouth is changed, a chain-reaction occurs in which other conditions begin to change also.

Sometimes, these changes bring about undesirable results. For example, losing a single natural tooth can lead to the movement and shifting of the adjacent teeth, contribute to premature bone loss, affect your speech, and impact the function of your jaw joint.

On the other hand, there are some changes that can result in a positive and beneficial outcome. Take tooth replacement, for example. Choosing dental implants to replace missing teeth can have a healthy impact on the natural, adjacent teeth. In fact, implants can counteract just about all of the effects of tooth loss.

Without any negative stress or pressure on the neighboring teeth, implants can actually prevent the movement and shifting of the adjacent teeth. Bone loss that would otherwise impact the neighboring teeth can also be prevented. As the most conservative tooth replacement solution, your implant dentist will not need to reduce or modify the structure or integrity of the nearby natural teeth.

By preserving the bone and the positions of the surrounding teeth, implants help to keep your bite stabilized, reduce excessive strain on the jaw joint, and preserve your appearance as well as your confidence.

Other replacement options, such as dental bridges and removable partial dentures require that the surrounding tooth structure be significantly reduced in order for the new restoration to be anchored securely. With a bridge, at least two neighboring teeth must be cut and capped with a bonded restoration. For a partial denture, metal clasps are used to temporarily hook your replacement teeth into place. Both solutions contribute to stress and increase the risk of damage to the neighboring natural teeth.

It is understandable and expected that dental implants will affect your natural, adjacent teeth. Fortunately, we know that the impact will be overwhelmingly positive and you can be assured that you have been provided with the best possible tooth replacement alternative.

For more information about the benefits of dental implant treatment, contact the Hicksville office of Drs. Scott Russ and Jeffrey Sender today to schedule an informative consultation.

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