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Consequences of Tooth Loss?

Losing one or more teeth to trauma, decay or dental disease can have devastating consequences. In addition to cosmetic concerns, a gap created by tooth loss can result in speech changes, dietary concerns and problems with teeth shifting. A discussion about dental implants can offer a solution to resolve all of these issues, and return you to the life you enjoyed before tooth loss.

Many may be tempted to ignore tooth loss and just consider it a fact of life. But the potential consequences of inaction include:

  • Bone loss – When one or more teeth are lost or removed, the bone that surrounded the root structure starts to dissipate, gum tissue shrinks and the end result can be facial changes, discomfort or dissatisfaction with overall appearance.
  • Malocclusion – Remaining teeth will struggle to stay in place. Over time teeth may drift toward the gap left after losing one or more teeth. When this happens, chewing is affected and since teeth want to be aligned properly the tendency to grind or clench may occur that can wear down remaining teeth.
  • Speech – Tooth loss can alter speech habits since words are formed when the tongue works with the teeth to make certain sounds.
  • Dietary changes – Eating favorite foods that require chewing may be lost forever. Not only is the joy of eating sacrificed, many healthy and nutritious foods are shelved like fruits and vegetables.
  • Self-esteem – Tooth loss brings a certain stigma and embarrassment that can make even the most joyful person stop smiling, eating and speaking in public.

All of these issues can be overcome, and a consultation with your implant dentist can demonstrate the effectiveness of replacing lost teeth with dental implants.

A dental implant is a small screw like device made from titanium that is surgically placed in gum tissue where tooth loss has occurred. Over time, the implant will fuse to existing bone tissue to offer support and strength to the final restoration.

This procedure is not to be taken lightly. A commitment from the patient to maintain excellent dental hygiene to keep the implant area free from infection along with discontinuing harmful tobacco products are just two of the facts that will be discussed.

The process of dental implants requires time to heal and vigilance to prevent implant failure. But at the conclusion, functionality and beauty will reward the patient with a lifetime of smiles.

If you are suffering from tooth loss and would like to know the best options for replacement, contact Drs. Sender and Russ, serving Long Island, today to schedule a consultation.

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