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Harmful Dental Habits to Avoid

Your dentist loves to see you. Catching up on your hobbies and talking about your work is certainly interesting. But, if your dental visits are typically due to accidental injuries and damaged teeth, we’d rather help you to reduce them — even if that means we won’t get to see you quite as often.

Of course, we know that there are some accidents that simply can’t be avoided. There are others, however, that can be prevented when you make preventive choices and avoid certain risky behaviors. Being aware of the habits and behaviors that can compromise your dental health is an important key to protecting your smile. To increase your knowledge and to assist you in preserving your smile, your dental professional can provide you with relevant guidance.

Which habits are most commonly associated with dental injuries?

  • Chewing ice, fingernails, and other hard objects (creates excessive forces that can fracture or chip the teeth as well as wear down the enamel)
  • Opening bottles with your teeth (it is difficult to control or stabilize a bottle with teeth that are sharp and slippery, increasing the risk that the bottle could slip and fracture the teeth)
  • Grinding and clenching the teeth (the extreme forces that are generated during clenching can cause widespread damage extending from the jaw joint to the ligaments that support the teeth)
  • Improper home care or inconsistent plaque control (failing to practice routine and thorough oral hygiene can set you up for preventable dental diseases such as tooth decay and gum disease)
  • Neglecting regular dental appointments (though you may not even be aware of the harmful dental habits that could threaten your oral health, your dentist is prepared to keep you informed and protected by discussing your habits at each dental visit)

If you have questions about the best way to protect your smile, trust our experienced team of dentists to provide the answers that are appropriate for you.

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