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Full Service Dental Implants

When you are faced with a serious dental condition such as tooth loss, a certain level of personal motivation is required to properly address the issue. Though you may be interested in dental implants for tooth replacement, personal issues such as a dental phobia, financial limitations, and time constraints can create significant obstacles for you. In fact, these obstacles often prevent patients from completing the restorative process and receiving the care that they need.

By now, most patients are knowledgeable about the strength and comfort that can be achieved with implant dentistry. Unfortunately, they are often deterred by the idea of having to visit multiple specialists to have the procedure completed. Traditionally, an implant patient would need to schedule a consultation with an implant dentist, return to that office in a separate visit for the placement of the implant post, and then schedule a final visit with their dentist to have a permanent crown or bridge placed.

By choosing a full-service dental office, you’ll have access to dental implants in one high quality state-of-the-art location.

This process also typically involves the transfer of records between dental offices, multiple appointments with dentists in various locations, and the possibility of confusion in terms of office policies and billing.

By choosing a full-service dental office, you’ll have access to dental implants in one high quality state-of-the-art location. You’ll appreciate the convenience of permanently replacing your missing teeth with dental implants without ever needing to drive to multiple locations. Instead every step of the procedure, from diagnostic imaging to the placement of the final restoration, is completed by the same dental team. The result is a simpler way to achieve a new permanent, beautiful, and fully functional set of teeth.

For most patients, there is a simple 5 step process:

1. Personalized consultation, diagnostics, and treatment planning
2. Advanced preparation for surgery and laboratory work
3. Anesthesia/Sedation and surgical implant placement
4. Dental impressions and final design for replacement tooth
5. Replacement teeth are permanently placed

To learn more about full-service implant dentistry and your options for replacing your missing teeth, contact our skilled team at Broadway Dental to schedule your appointment today.

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