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Wide Molar Implant: Experience the Newest Innovation in Implant Dentistry

The explosive popularity of implant dentistry is not due to a fluke of accidental success. Instead, the success of the dental implant is based upon a technique that is proven to be predictable, comfortable, effective, and attractive. When your jaw bone becomes integrated with the implant post, a permanent relationship is created that is strong enough to accommodate your biting and chewing needs.

There is another aspect that makes dental implants such an exceptional choice for tooth replacement: These artificial teeth can be customized to perform the same duties as the teeth that are to be replaced. For example, to replace a missing back tooth, your implant dentist may select a wide-diameter implant post rather than the smaller posts that are used to replace missing front teeth.

This wider implant post is significantly stronger than a smaller post and is substantial enough to absorb the stress and force of chewing and grinding food. There are other beneficial advantages to the wide molar implant:

  • If a molar tooth must be extracted, the wide-diameter implant can often be placed during the same dental visit, provided the surrounding bone and gum tissue are relatively healthy.
  • Most patients can expect to experience less discomfort and a speedier healing time when the procedure is performed in a single visit.
  • Modern implant placement techniques and equipment are more accurate and less invasive for a smoother and more predictable procedure.
  • Patients can expect a significant financial savings when surgical procedures are combined.
  • Following the immediate placement of a molar implant, there is a greater chance for a favorable long-term result. Patients who postpone their implant procedures after an extraction are at risk for significant bone deterioration during the first year, a consequence that can be avoided with an implant.
  • The broad diameter of the implant post provides a larger surface area to distribute the biting forces that could compromise the bond between the implant and the bone.

During your consultation for dental implants, your implant dentist will select the implant post that is most appropriate for replacing your missing tooth. To learn more about the most recent innovations in implant dentistry, call Broadway Dental at 516-681-2525 to schedule your appointment today.

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