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Clenching Teeth: Am I still a candidate for dental implants?

There’s a reason that implant dentistry has transformed the art of tooth replacement. There is a wealth of clinical evidence and a universal agreement that implants offer the very best solution for replacing single or multiple missing teeth. There is no other alternative that so closely resembles the natural teeth, both above and below the gumline, and no other method is as versatile.

This procedure is a relevant solution for virtually every patient who has lost a tooth. With implants, the standard of care has been elevated and the solution is satisfying for both the patient as well as the implant dentist.

In the early stages of implant dentistry, there were very strict guidelines in terms of the ideal implant candidate. Though many patients were interested in the procedure, there were limitations that may have reduced the success rate of the procedure and some patients were not eligible to receive the treatment that they desired.

Today, virtually all limitations have been overcome, and there are few patients who will be excluded from the procedure. For example, patients who have a history of clenching or grinding the teeth may not have been good candidates for the procedure. The extreme forces that are generated when the teeth are clenched could weaken the bond between the implant post and the jaw bone, thereby causing the implant to loosen or fail. Since many patients tend to clench the teeth during sleep, the habit is virtually uncontrollable, and implants were not recommended in these instances.

Modern dentistry has identified and resolved most of the issues associated with clenching and grinding. Custom bite guards or night guards may be recommended to protect the dental implants as well as the natural teeth during sleep. If necessary, the bite relationship between the upper and lower teeth can also be evaluated and adjusted to reduce the forces that are generated when the teeth come together.

Simply by eliminating your ability to clench, you can enjoy the benefits of dental implants with confidence. For help in addressing your clenching habit, and to learn more about the advantages of dental implants, contact our skilled and dedicated team at Broadway Dental today.

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